Our Trailers

The U-TOW range of trailers are popular for many reason… with U-TOW, you always get the job done…

6 x 4 Box

1800mm x 1200mm

Ideal for small loads of rubbish and soils

6 x 4 Cage

1800mm x 1200mm

Ideal for larger rubbish loads as well as moving larger itiems

6 x 4 Van

1800mm x 1200mm

Great for camping trips

8 x 5 Box

2400mm x 1500mm

Excellent for those heavier loads

8 × 5 Cage Trailer

2400mm x 1500mm

Ideal for those heavy removal jobs

8 x 5 Van

2400mm x 1500mm

Great for shifting medium loads with protection from the elements

12 × 6 Furniture Trailer

3600mm x 1800mm x 1800mm

Ideal for moving house


4100mm x 1900mm

Great for moving cars and extended lengths of timber and steel.

Flat Top Trailer